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The second meeting of the FUTUREU project took place in Bucharest from 7th to 10th of September. Partners from Poland, Malta, Hungary, Netherlands and Greece attended the meeting in person. While the partners from Spain witnessed it online

They were two days of work in which first of all, the Romanian partners were in charge of welcoming and presenting the functioning of the European citizens’ initiative that they carry out from Romania. They explained how these initiatives became a reality, the process and how exactly the message reaches the main beneficiaries. In this way, the participants were able to learn about other participation mechanisms, especially for young people, in which they can play a leading role within the European framework. Several representatives of the National Union of Romanian Students were also present at this seminar.

In addition, the participants had the opportunity to visit the Information Office of the European Parliament (House of Europe) where they learned more about local European initiatives and how young people can have local initiatives. The visit took place in the form of a dialogue, both between the young people, the partner delegations and the representatives of Europarl Romania.

During the meeting there was time to discuss good local initiatives that promote citizen participation, such as the Bucharest citizens’ initiatives fair. Mr. Daniel Enachescu, responsible for Asociatia Impressum of the FUTUREU project, explained to the attendees its main features and functionalities in the local reality of Bucharest.

On the second working day a dynamic workshop took place in which all partners shared some examples about their local activities and how they promote citizen participation.

After all the activities mentioned above, work started on the common infographic containing the best practices in terms of citizen participation and the best practices in terms of civic engagement in the municipalities of the partners that were worked/displayed during the event in Bucharest.
This infographic will be prepared and presented at the next meeting that will take place in Poland during the month of November and December.