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During the days from 7 to 10 June, the City Council of Almussafes received the European partners from Romania, Poland, Greece, Netherlands and Hungary that are part of the European Project CERV (Citizens-Town) called FUTUREU.

With this project, which is based on the Charter of the Conference on the Future of Europe, the aim is to work to increase the participation of citizens, and above all, of young people in Europe. Another objective is the promotion of European values and the fight against Euroscepticism.
European citizenship, and more specifically youth, must put on the table the debate on what should be Europe’s challenges and priorities for the coming years.

8 are the meetings and work packages that have to be held throughout the 18 months of duration of this project in the cities of the different partner entities.
The first meeting was held in Almussafes, as the Almussafes City Council itself is the entity that launched this project as the coordinating entity and to which the rest of the interested entities have adhered.

This first event was a great success. Among the programme was the visit of Ana Enguidanos, General Director of Relations with the European Union and the State, from Europe Direct- Generalitat Valenciana and the presentation of two examples of good practices of participation of the City Council of Almussafes.

Among these, Alfonso López, Education expert of Almussafes City Council, presented the process for the creation of the Council for Childhood and Adolescence in Almussafes; a small sample of what the Council works with children; what implications it has for the municipality, the province and the State; as well as presented some of the actions that have been carried out in Almussafes born from the ideas that have been launched from the Council itself, both urban, as cultural programming, and involvement for equality, vulnerable groups, etc..

In addition, Elena Pardo, Psychologist of the Department of Social Welfare presented the space »Som Salut’’ (We are Health). This has been a space designed to gather the concerns and needs of citizens in terms of health combined with the vision provided by municipal technicians and health professionals from our health department. Three representatives of associations from the municipality accompanied Elena to explain what their experience has been like in the space and what changes are going to be implemented in the municipality to improve people’s health in terms of health and urban planning, among others.

During the afternoon of the 8th, a day of citizen participation was held in which needs and proposals for action were collected to be transferred to Europe through the platform created by the European Commission »Raise your voice and have your say» in which young people can launch through voice notes their ideas for improvement of what they would like to change.

On the 9th the partners met to determine the roadmap for the development of this project in the coming months.

All in all, a very enriching meeting was held for all the European partners and the citizens who were involved. In addition to working towards the objective of this project, the coexistence between the people who have participated in these days has provided new lines of work for other areas that go beyond what is proposed in this initiative. And surely, this is also what the European Commission pursues with the design of the different European programmes: to increase social cohesion, cooperation and the active participation of citizens.