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From 29th November to 2nd December the FUTUREU project partners met in Warsaw (Poland) for the third meeting of the project.

During the meeting, we visited 3 of the cultural centres »Waweskie Centrum Kultury’ and all the participants could see the work that children, young people and adults do there (theatre and improvisation, music, pottery workshops, reading workshops, yoga and much more). Furthermore, they shared experiences of good practices so that each partner can further improve their municipality and involve young people in local life.

Each partner from Malta, Hungary, the Netherlands, Greece, Romania, Poland and Spain involved young people as a stakeholders to participate in the project and this has been very satisfying because we have been able to share many experiences and different points of view.
Among the work carried out, the working group discussed how to encourage civil society, and especially young people, to participate actively in political life. They designed the «ideal city», the «ideal high school», the «ideal youth centre», the «ideal school» and the «ideal town hall» to try to achieve this.
In addition, there was time for an Oxford-style debate on whether it is appropriate for a country to set the voting age at 16. In this debate, young people and adults participated and contributed their views and very interesting arguments both for and against.

Finally, it should be noted that the members were able to enjoy a beautiful and Christmas-like Warsaw, as well as its gastronomy.

All in all, this meeting has been very enriching for the whole group.

We can’t wait to meet again at the next meeting in Malta.