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The developed agenda and the whole organization of this event was targeting to Disseminate the values and rights of the Conference on the Future of Europe in civil society, improve the governance of municipalities by disseminating European values, examine and debate Euroscepticism from a closer approach, teach and bring closer the participation mechanisms of European politics, improve understanding of the decision-making processes of the European Union, encourage civil society and especially young people and promote new opportunities for social and intercultural engagement.

Participants had the chance to develop their awareness regarding the importance of these European values through debate, information and best practices sharing and dialogue with interactive and informative activities. An important point always had in mind was the enormous importance of their role in decision-making processes and their responsibility as European citizens in building a more inclusive Europe, both through exchanging views with other participants, such as through the discussions and debates.

What we did?

• Each partner presented their organization, their aims and values, their actions, the local policies, the current situation of citizenship means for people in everyday life and youth participation and involvement – which was undoubtedly a great opportunity to understand how those values are actually implemented and taken into consideration in Spain, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Malta and in the Netherlands

• Presentation of Netwerk Nieuw Rotterdam (one of the biggest youth organizations in Rotterdam) followed by Ms Yukio Oosterling (representative of the Netwek Nieuw Rotterdam) who accepted the invitation of visiting our FUTUREU meeting and sharing valuable information and inside of the current situation in Rotterdam. Participants were interacting and had the chance to exchange opinions but also to address any question they had

• MATRIX Map creation of Citizens means have created/ developed after exchange of opinions, best practices consideration, targets to be reached and brainstorming among participants

• Round table of Values and rights on the Future of Europe in civil society and a workshop of Role play (titled “Future of Europe”) followed with the active and full of energy participation of all attendees

• Debate “Tomorrow’s Europe, Your Europe” (focusing on the upcoming European Elections followed with the participants separating to two groups, organizing and justifying the values of youth and the views of older (adults representatives of municipalities etc) – How important is for youth to participate active to European decision making and to European elections? What youth are missing for being more active? The most crucial response received among all was “INFORMATION – PROPER, REAL AND CLEAR INFORMATION”

• Partner countries developed a plan for being able to come closer to young people, targeting to get them closer and supporting them of becoming an active part of our societies

• During a creative LAB we also created a video, with each participant describing the meaning of FUTUREU for them, by using only one word.

• Slogan for the project have been developed => “FUTUREU: motivation-participation-cooperation-progression”


All in all, a very satisfactory meeting where it was possible to discover the culture, food and traditions of Netherlands and share experiences among the participants from different countries.