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During the closing event of the FUTUREU Program, a meticulously planned agenda was executed and all activities were carried out successfully and with great success.

On November 21, the participants arrived and were accommodated at the Bartos Hotel. The day concluded with a warm welcome dinner held at the same hotel.

November 22 began with a meeting of the participants in the assembly hall of the Llar dels Jubilats, where attendees were welcomed and their attendance was documented. The day included presentations on citizen initiatives, which included analysis of the future situation of the EU, identification of challenges, selection of initiatives and concrete definition of objectives and steps for their implementation.

After a coffee break, dissemination activities and presentation of the project results were carried out in the afternoon. Each partner presented their achievements in 5 to 10 minutes, covering social media posts, press releases and local project-level activities.

November 23 marked the closing session of the project. A sustainability agreement was signed and a final video of the project was produced, with brief interviews with the participants for its creation.

The day concluded with a lunch break and an afternoon free of programming for the participants, followed by a closing dinner to jointly evaluate the project activities.

On November 24, the partners left Almussafes, returning to their respective locations.

The event was an enriching and successful meeting. Participants were immersed in debates, workshops and presentations focused on understanding the needs of EU citizens and strengthening a resilient Europe. During this meeting, the future challenges and opportunities for the European Union were discussed in depth, developing specific citizen initiatives. The event demonstrated notable collaboration between partners, resulting in the successful dissemination of project results and the creation of a sustainability agreement. In short, it was an impactful event that fostered insightful debates and laid the foundations for concrete strategies towards a more resilient and participatory European future.